The Height Of Depth

by Tris

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released September 10, 2016




Synoza England, UK

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Track Name: Change My Mind
Well, I can change my mind if I want to
But you can't change your mind if you don't...

Every day's another day to give up praise,
And worship with the saints just how GOOD He is -
It could change...
There's a day on it's way just to say that everything we do -
Yes, it has a purpose!
That won't change.

Every time you look away,
It could be the day you change...
Track Name: More To You
There's more to You than meets the eye... woooh!
Can I get some love from You?! oooh...
The way You move it makes me high... woooh!
Can I get some love from You... oooh

There's something about You I just want to know.
I feel the rhythm that makes me want to just let go!
And all this time I been thinkin' I've been in a dream,
A rollin' river of passion is what makes me sing...

More to You...
Track Name: There's A Way (Reprise)
There's a way to your heart;
There's a backdoor I know, I will find my way there...
Way to your heart;
Find Me there, I'm going to try to get you...

Baby... wake up!
Track Name: Wake Up, World
Sleeping world is going nowhere,
Greed and lust have taken over.
Watch the stars fall, while the Holy weeps...

Wake up, world!

When my mind wonders
What we could've been from the start...
When my mind wonders
Where we could have gone -
It's all gone wrong :(

Ohhh... there's the enemy, seeking to destroy,
And kill and maim...
He wants your allegiance,
He don't want you to know God!
Need to fight...
Track Name: Ready?
If you're not ready to live for the Lord,
Then you're not ready to die for the Lord.

Pick up your cross and follow Him!

I said to myself, "I will watch what I do
And not sin in what I say.
I will hold my tongue
When the ungodly are around me.”
But as I stood there in silence—
Not even speaking of good things—
The turmoil within me grew worse.
The more I thought about it,
The hotter I got,
Igniting a fire of words:
Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered—
How fleeting my life is.
You have made my life no longer
Than the width of my hand.
My entire lifetime is just a moment to You;
At best, each of us is but a breath.

We are merely moving shadows,
And all our busy rushing ends in nothing.
We heap up wealth,
Not knowing who will spend it.
And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?
My only hope is in You.
Rescue me from my rebellion.
Do not let fools mock me.
I am silent before You; I won’t say a word,
For my punishment is from You.
Hear my prayer, O Lord!
Listen to my cries for help!
Don’t ignore my tears.
For I am Your guest—
A traveller passing through,
As my ancestors were before me.
Track Name: Breakthrough Deliverance Sanctuary
The church has no steeple,
It's made of God's people;
And we're just a part of His body.
Satan can't stand for the power of His hand...
Redemption...Oh, Lord!

Give God the glory!
Breakthrough Deliverance Sanctuary!

There is a mystery;
The strength of this ministry...
The battle for all of our souls.
Defeat the devil by conquering evil,;
Deliverance...Oh, Lord!

Give God the glory!
Breakthrough Deliverance Sanctuary!

There needs to be faith...
You need to believe...
Authority is yours...
On behalf of the King.