Spirit Juice

by Tris

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released April 26, 2015




Synoza England, UK

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Track Name: Breakdown
I got the beat to breakdown
You got the heat to meltdown
We got the feet to get down
She got her hair to let down
I know I hear You clearly
You know I fear You really
We know we cheer you dearly
He is my love sincerely/ He knows its more than nearly

All in it's time I find that I come closer to knowing You
Because I'm Yours, You are mine
I want to love You with the love from You
Like I contain You, as You contain creation
And now.. emancipation
Cross sword gives salvation

And it makes me smile to know You're always with me
Source of my joy!
I feel complete
Keep me salty, keep me sweet
I'm gonna tell everybody the Lord is here...
and He wants to know you!
Track Name: Faith
In the face of a man lives an echo of the divine
In the face of a woman is the beauty by His hand
So what is time? It's a prison for eternal little souls
So what is life? Its a blessing, 'cos we learn what its like to die

In our faith that what we hope for is recognised
By the Lord

And that is why we must pray for our enemies
We must try to make them realise love and peace

Live in faith of a plan that doesn't tempt you but tests you out
Human fate since time began has been to serve
That's what its all about!
We must believe in the Saviour
The message is you can't do it alone
Do you feel lost?
Well that's because mother earth is not our true home
Track Name: Feel It Alive (acoustic)
I got a dream for you
Enter into Son-rise
Now I feel alive
The morning light has touched my eyes and I feel alright
There's a whisper
From the depths of my soul
I feel the presence
Everybody's got to find this so I need to tell you

Feel alive
Feel it alive
The pouring rain...

So deep in my heart
The pouring rain

When I see Your sunshine soul
Track Name: Grace
I pray for souls
Beings in time
I pray for holy feeling alive
Search for the Son, salvation is nigh
Look for the One - The Son of most High
And the grace has set me free...

In you heart, embracing the life
In your mind, freedom inside
A slave to Love - why would you deny?
Anointing of peace
You know Him inside
And the grace has set me free...

oooh how?

And the grace has set me free!
Grace can set you free!
Track Name: Heal My Eyes
Is hate a lack of love?
Is hell a lack of heaven?
Fallen from grace's embrace
How we've been so starved

Heal my eyes

Is fear a trust?
Is death a lack of living?
Let us see our sensual envision
Of how we're meant to be

Music is a window
The beauty of a soul
Sing to Him along with the angels
Pray He hears your voice

Heal my eyes
Hear my cries
Track Name: Man Alive
Be by the sea -
Papa and me;
Wind whispers grace,
Fresh to my face...

Man alive, you need to know,
the Word of life -
His name is love...

Track Name: My Lord, My God
Hmmm, I love You, You know
The way You've helped me grow
Forever be there for me, I pray
On You I can depend

You are Lord and You are God
You are wisdom and You are strength
You are joy are and You are peace
Please show me how I grow

Hmmm, I love You, You know
The way You make me glow
Forever be there with me, I pray
On You I can depend
Track Name: Peace-full
Burning cool,
Freshest warmth that inspires the fire to flame out the hurt
Spirit sent,
Open hearts can receive the gifts that compassion lent
It's said 'love your neighbour'
We share the air
Instead there's a danger we'll miss true life

Something on my mind the kind of time I look for peaceful
A touch that's so sublime the kind you find when you give a heart-full

Heaven's there
We are here... but we have a Friend who can lend and ear
Live as one, alive in love as we try to serve like our Master taught
We'll fly like the angels, lighter than air
I'll pray to my Father to forgive if I forget...

In my soul I fight for light,
In my time I search for life
Track Name: Saved
I know You know,
and You know that I know!
Thank You for love,
And healing my soul


Speaking with You
Silence is listening
I'm saved by an ocean
Seashell in being

Open eyes can see the road
Weigh the words of what I'm told
Justify the way I learn
Never leave a stone unturned
Track Name: The Purest Love
Hold joyous by the hand
Walk humbly with your feet
Beat kindness in you heart
Speak patience with your tongue
Faith mirrors what we hope
Hope reflects out from faith
In this trinity is love
And love is greater than the rest

I want to feel the purest love
I want to lose myself in peace of mind
I want to be truly alive
I want to pray to God for all mankind

Who's thinking of the point?
Who's tried to win the race?
Who's hoping for the light?
Who's searching for His grace?
Who's singing songs of love?
Who's praying for world peace?
Who's thankful for our earth?
Who's Spirit means release?
Track Name: To the Son
Every moment I'm going to live before You
Is every moment I'm gonna give away
Coming from a place inside I don't know where
I can tell You it's a place that I want You to stay
I can feel it come alive

My heart bows to the Son

Touch my eyes
Give me sight
Let me see by Your light
Track Name: You're Free
Isn't there some way of telling when your heart soars in love?
Haven't you felt it within you, whenever push comes to shove?
You're free...

Didnt we fall from perfection?
Yet we still live in grace...
Wouldn't you want to be thankful for the life that we face?
You're free...

Another day to express just how I'm feeling
Sing to the Lord forever more, freedom is being

Some way to realise emotion
To make the message unfold
I'll dance at the end of the rainbow
'Cos freedom's colour is gold
You're free!