Blessings and Lessons

by Tris

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released February 22, 2014




Synoza England, UK

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Track Name: Lord of lords, King of kings
Oh my Lord
You are the King of kings

Oh my King
You are the Lord of Lords

Track Name: My Sire, Messiah
Heavenly notes Your symphonies
Essence of glory in Your grace
The kingdom of peace lights up my soul
The life that You give has made me whole

Yes You Are

My Sire, Messiah

The veil between us has been torn
There's nothing to keep me from Your love
Now I can smile a joyous smile
Been kissed my my Father from above
Track Name: Foot of the Cross
At the foot of the cross I lay myself bare in the sight of the Lord
I find myself there with nothing to share, just the fear of no hope
At the foot of the cross He raises my face from the depth of despair
I see in His wounds the price I should pay, yet this torrent of grace
Has washed it away...

Now I'll never, never, never be alone
Kneeling before the King at His throne
I'll never forget the freedom He gave me

At the foot of the cross the weight of my sin is lifted and bared
The pain of His crown has bloodied His brow In the place of my soul
At the foot of the cross I'm soaked by the blood that cleanses my heart
I give what I can but nothing compares, cruel nails in the hands
Pierced in the feet...
Track Name: Praise the Lord, Oh my Soul
Praise the Lord, Oh my soul
Praise the Lord, 'til I'm whole

He made the mountains and the sea
He made all the animals and the trees

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul
Bless the Lord, He made us all

He's the way to break free
He's the only way for me
Track Name: Yo Amo Gesù
Yo Amo Gesù
Track Name: Singing About Your Love
Singing about Your love
Singing about Your peace
Singing about Your joy
I wanna get on my knees/Singing about release
Oh Father!

Lord, I pray for your strength
and courage to help me get on by
Father help me in my weakness
I know You will help me if I try

I've been resting the comfort
Of knowing salvation is Your plan
Jesus, I give You what I have
I live in the safety of Your hands

Lord, Your know I need direction
To follow the way that leads to You
Spirit, teach me with Your guidance
Illuminate up what I need to do
Track Name: God Bless You - Nativity song
My Son, My regal, humble Son -
The people wait for You to come
And those that dwell in deepest darkness
Shall see the Light of the world

In your heart God bless you, sir/ma'am/child
In your heart God bless you
In Your heart God bless you, sir/ma'am/child
God bless you

God bless you
Peace on earth, Saviour's birth
Track Name: Matthew 24
In the end we can depend on Matthew 24
Famine, war and a whole lot more is coming to our doors
Darkened sun and falling stars and a moon that gives no light
Brace yourself for your soul's health
for a thief come in the night

We don't know the day or the hour
So it's wise to be filled from the depth of your lamp
We don't know when the Lord comes in power
So it's wise to be filled from the depth of your lamp

Deceivers come in the name of God and claim that 'I am He'
Believers will think of 'Ichabod' 'cos they're treated so badly
The holy place will be desecrated, anguish rears it's head
Unless He intervenes and stops it the whole world will be dead

We don't know the day or the hour
So it's wise to be filled from the depth of your lamp
We don't know when the Lord comes in power
So it's wise to be filled from the depth of your lamp

Help me in the face of the evil
I ask to stand firm and be filled with Your light
Help me in the face of upheaval
I want to keep watch in the world's darkest night
Track Name: Joy of the Lord
Let the joy of the Lord be your strength
Messiah, I want to love ya
Messiah...Oh! I love You,I love You, I love You, I love You!

Bwana Asifiwe (Praise the Eternal One)
Track Name: Sweet Surrender
Lord, forgive me
I now know why
Sweet surrender
You're my life

Please protect me
From myself
Sweet surrender
For my health

Holding on to love

Oh...Have mercy
On my mind
Sweet surrender
'Til I find
From the cradle
To my grave
Sweet surrender
And You save
Track Name: Holy is the Lamb
Holy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lord

Whatever you do... do it for Love

He understands the fight that's involved
He wants your love to have and to hold

You see and you hear and you walk and you talk;
Can you see with the eyes that the Lord has given you?
You know He's true
Oh Lord! How I love You!
Track Name: Thank You
Thank You Lord,
For giving us love/peace/grace
Thank for Your love/peace/grace

And I thank You for love/peace/grace